I had a title search done when I bought the property. Why do I need another one now that I'm refinancing?

There is the possibility for many issues to come up on any given property. For example, taxes are assessed every year. They are a lien on the property until they are paid. You may have taken an equity line out against your home to buy a car or pay for tuition, not realizing that this is now a lien on your property. Any individual could file a lawsuit against you that could become a lien on your property. As you can see, there are many things that can happen during your time of ownership that would require a title search to discover. Remember, the title search is not only for your protection, but also for the bank who is lending you a lot of money.

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Metrolina Title Research Company, providing real estate title searches in the Charlotte metro area and beyond. Including, but not limited to: Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Lincoln, Gaston, Catawba, Rowan, Stanly, Cleveland, Iredell counties

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Can I use one of these national companies to do my title search?
Every state has different real estate laws. And within every state, every county uses a different system to format and sort their data.

Can I do my own title search?
Sure, but it is a very specialized process that can cost you and a lot of other people problems and/or a lot of money.


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Metrolina Title provides title searches in the Charlotte Metro area, including Huntersville and Lake Norman. We also provide searches in the following North Carolina counties: Iredell, Gaston, Lincoln, Catawba, Rowan, Stanly, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Cleveland, and beyond.

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